Gina -  Founder, Co-Host, Yoga Teacher

I love to work and create something with like minded/like-hearted humans. The Idea of GOOD TINGS had been on my mind for a few years and originally I wanted to call it ‘gathering’. But that word is overused and my vision for the event needed a fresh title. When I met Marius in the Summer of 2021, I knew instantly that he is the one I want to have by my side to make it come alive! We sat down and every idea and dream around it resonated between the two of us back and forth. He had the same idea and it was just a match: We want to combine our skills, our passions into Events & Retreats. The Yoga TING and the food TING.

But there was something we asked for some guidance. Our talented friends Hannah Kuhlmann - StudioKuhlmann and Holle Schlickmann - BAGA Objects, helped us a ton! This is how we came up with the missing piece: Natural wine.

GOOD TINGS is a representation of our generation, a moment to share the work of our creative friends, it is a live event and each one is unique because of the different seasons, the changing crowd and location. Thank you Anna Sorgalla & Laura Schleder & Viola Halfar for the beautiful pictures! 

GOOD TINGS is a heart Project. A collective joy, love and appreciation for quality ingredients, company, sound, movement and time spent. TINGS that make us feel good, which make our eyes swoon, our bodies feel great, our tongues and bellies very satisfied, our minds and souls inspired! 

Marius - Founder, Co-Host, plant-based chef

During my design studies, I asked myself which things in my life would give me enough space to work creatively and with passion, it was clear to me that I wanted to make cooking my vocation after graduation.

I have been working in the catering industry for 10 years now and acquired my know-how about preparing food in numerous kitchens in Germany and Europe.

Due to my interest in natural sciences, the voice in me became louder and louder to gain deeper knowledge about food and its effect in the body. That's why I had myself trained as a state-approved nutrition coach, specializing in vegan nutrition.
Not only because I eat a mostly vegan diet, I like to experiment when cooking and use different spices and herbs, which bring out the natural flavor of the food. I try to incorporate variety and new combinations into my dishes. Colors and shapes should create a coherent picture, whether due to fusion or contrast.

When creating my dishes, I make sure that fresh, mostly regional, organic and wholesome products end up on the plate. I avoid highly processed foods, meat and industrial sugar. This almost automatically results in an optimal nutrient composition. In addition, it is important for me to be in harmony with nature, that is, to follow the seasons and to process German seasonal products, under the influence of international cooking styles.


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